Why Mindset Matters

Mindset matters
Mindset matters
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We’re big fans of mindset training. To be honest, we don’t think it should ever stop! This is something we’ve learned from the 6 Personal Perspectives outlined by Keller Williams, in particular perspective #4: Make Being Learning Based the Foundation of Your Action Plan.

If you have the right mindset and you approach every-thing from a learner based platform then there’s always something new to discover, always a different angle, always an observation or opinion that triggers something fresh and hopefully allows you to grow in confidence and achieve your ‘big why’. It also allows us, as a company, to provide better services.

These ‘things’ are all around us, all the time, and the truth is it’s our choice to either see these things as learning opportunities or not. It’s your mind and your thinking after all. That’s why mindset is so important because the right mindset can be the key to unlock doors of perception and open windows of opportunity into greater realities and success.

The wrong mindset will just nail the same door shut and trap you in a small room full of limited beliefs, overflowing with mediocrity, under achievement and a terrible sense of poor me the world’s such a bad place because nothing works how I want it to. That ‘Secret’ stuff about laws of attraction is just more of that trippy hippy new age nonsense. Told you so!

Guess which mindset works best and leads to greater success?

Let me give you a practical example of how mindsets can change things on a practical level in our business, which is real estate and property investments in Bali, Indonesia.

We hold training sessions every morning and this morning we spoke about Value Propositions and why a customer would choose ‘Agent A’ over ‘Agent B’. After all, they both work for the same company and they’re both offering the same services.

Or are they?

The answer is ‘yes’ they both work for the same company but ‘no’, they’re not offering the same services.

The reality is Agent A has a different mindset to Agent B, which means their approach is different and so is the customer experience they provide.

Agent A is set in their ways. They don’t see the value of learning. And finding their value proposition isn’t something they care too much about. So they don’t. They may say ‘yes’ at the right times, most of the time, but they’re not really listening and they’re only saying it to keep the monkey off their back. They’re too busy checking their Facebook pages and status and sending Whassap messages and smiling at pictures of cats in hats under Christmas trees. They nod in the right places but they’re just going through the motions to collect a commission because that’s all they really see; a commission. They see the customer as a big fat dollar sign.

A customer sub-consciously recognizes this and will usually react against it. Agent A then becomes concerned that their closing ratios are slipping. They try even harder without understanding the fact that it’s their mindset holding them back.

Needless to say they fail.

They believe their failure is not because their thinking the wrong things with heads in the wrong places but because the system is geared against them. Excuses begin to flow and it’s everyone else’s fault but theirs.

I’m betting we all know a few Agent A’s.

Agent B, however does care and does want to learn. They understand that learning is key and that learning what their value proposition is will help them go above and beyond what’s expected and therefore, provide better services.

They also nod and say ‘yes’ at the right times, but here’s the difference – they ask ‘why?, what?, when? and how?’ if things aren’t clear. They’re listening and learning. They know it’s important to have that knowledge because clarity makes them better prepared and better equipped to make the customer’s journey more meaningful.

They have empathy with the customer and the customer sub-consciously recognizes this and acts differently than they would’ve done with Agent A. Their closing ratios begin to pick up and they have positive momentum.

Agent B’s have learned that the single most important part of that value proposition is to be prepared. And once they’ve learned that they continue to learn ways to be even better prepared. It never stops. We know this is true because we’re fortunate to have Agent B’s in our team. Good ones too.

They learn about and know the market, they learn about and know the product inside and out, they learn about and know the buying and selling process and they learn about and know what the customer is actually expecting of them. It never stops. It’s not a pain. It’s not a burden. It’s a pleasure and it’s empowering.

They have the right mindset and that’s why we think mindset matters.

Because the right way of thinking leads to better results and more satisfied Agents and their customers. Period.

If you’d like to learn more about doing real estate in Bali and doing business in Indonesia get in touch with us today through hello@sevenstonesindonesia.com

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Andrzej Barski

Director of Seven Stones Indonesia

Andrzej is Co-owner/ Founder and Director of Seven Stones Indonesia. He was born in the UK to Polish parents and has been living in Indonesia for more than 33-years. He is a skilled writer, trainer and marketer with a deep understanding of Indonesia and its many cultures after spending many years travelling across the archipelago from North Sumatra to Irian Jaya.

His experience covers Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Publishing, Real Estate and Training for 5-Star Hotels and Resorts in Bali and Jakarta, which has given him a passion for the customer experience. He’s a published author and a regular contributor to local and regional publications. His interests include conservation, eco-conscious initiatives, spirituality and motorcycles. Andrzej speaks English and Indonesian.

Terje H. Nilsen

Director of Seven Stones Indonesia

Terje is from Norway and has been living in Indonesia for over 20-years. He first came to Indonesia as a child and after earning his degree in Business Administration from the University of Agder in Norway, he moved to Indonesia in 1993, where he has worked in leading positions in education and the fitness/ wellness industries all over Indonesia including Jakarta, Banjarmasin, Medan and Bali.

He was Co-owner and CEO of the Paradise Property Group for 10-years and led the company to great success. He is now Co-owner/ Founder and Director of Seven Stones Indonesia offering market entry services for foreign investors, legal advice, sourcing of investments and in particular real estate investments. He has a soft spot for eco-friendly and socially sustainable projects and investments, while his personal business strengths are in property law, tourism trends, macroeconomics, Indonesian government and regulations. His personal interests are in sport, adventure, history and spiritual experiences.

Terje’s leadership, drive and knowledge are recognised across many industries and his unrivalled network of high level contacts in government and business spans the globe. He believes you do good and do well but always in that order. Terje speaks English, Indonesian and Norwegian.

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Ridwan Jasin Zachrie

CFO of Seven Stones Indonesia, Jakarta

Ridwan is one of Indonesia’s top executives with a long and illustrious career in the financial world. He holds several professional certifications including being a Certified Business Valuer (CBV) issued by the Australian Academy of Finance and Management; Broker-Dealer Representative (WPPE); and The Directorship Certification for Directors and Commissioners, issued by the Indonesian Institute of Commissioners and Directors.

His experience includes being the Managing Director at one of the top investment banking groups in the region, the Recapital Group, the CFO at State-owned enterprises in fishery industry and the CEO at Tanri Abeng & Son Holding. He’s also been an Independent Commissioner in several Financial Service companies and on the Audit and Risk Committee at Bank BTPN Tbk, Berau Coal Energy Tbk, Aetra Air Jakarta as well as working for Citibank, Bank Mandiri and HSBC. His last position was as CFO at PT Citra Putra Mandiri – OSO Group.

Ridwan has won a number of prestigious awards including the Best CFO Awards 2019 (Institute of Certified Management Accountant Australia-Indonesia); Asia Pacific Young Business Leader awarded by Asia 21 Network New York USA (Tokyo 2008); UK Alumni Business Awards 2008 awarded by the British Council; and The Most Inspiring Human Resources Practitioners’ version of Human Capital Magazine 2010.

He’s a member of the Board of Trustees of the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Law, Trisakti University, Co-Founder of the Paramadina Public Policy Institute and actively writes books, publications and articles in the mass media. He co-authored “Korupsi Mengorupsi Indonesia” in 2009, which helps those with an interest in understanding governance in Indonesia and the critical issue of corruption. Ridwan speaks Indonesian and English.

Per Fredrik Ecker

Managing Director of Seven Stones Indonesia, Jakarta

Per is the Managing Director of the Seven Stones Indonesia (SSI) Jakarta office and has more than 25-years’ experience in Indonesia, China, and Western Europe. He previously worked in senior management positions with Q-Free ASA, Siemens AG, and other companies in the telecom sector. Over the last six years, he has been the Chairman of the Indonesia-Norway Business Council (INBC) and recently become elected to be on the board of EuroCham Indonesia.

His most recent experience is within Intelligent Transport Solutions (ITS), Telecom, and other sectors within the Indonesian market. He is today through his position in SSI and by representing Norway Connect, promoting Nordic and European companies that would like to explore business opportunities in the Indonesian market. He’s also playing an active role to help create the Nordic House concept in Jakarta that will provide an excellent platform for Nordic companies entering Indonesia, where they’ll find a community that can offer support with trusted information and affordable services to enter this market.